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Goldime will change the way you invest forever. Like gold, Goldime is precious and rare.


A precious metal, we would all like to own. Only 100 Million Goldimes will ever exist. Only 200,000 be published as Founder’s Stock.


Developed by a team of seasoned professionals with a defined lifecycle.


Goldime is your wealth store in this digital age


Anonymous holding of your wealth

Build up your Goldime reserves securely and anonymously. Only you have access to your digital wallet and account.

Carry your wealth, wherever you go, securely

No matter which part of the world are you in, all you need is your digital wallet app in your mobile or access your account online and carry out your transactions. Your security vault in your pocket, secure and without any charges.

Offers minimum returns upto 50% for the first two years

Goldime, a precious and rare currency, will offer tremendous value appreciation along with the opportunity to participate in special deals, for all of our founder members.

Easy to use wallet for your digital transactions

A simple to use wallet on your mobile is all that you need to carry out transactions. With our authentication process built into digital wallet app, your transactions are secure and can only be done by you.

Goldime Wallets for iOS, Android and Windows will be published on March 30, 2017

Connect With Us

Our team of experienced financial analysts are available to assist you with your questions. We understand that cryptocurrency is a new concept and not everyone is very familiar with it. Therefore, we have simplified everything for you and should you require more clarity on how to invest and why we think Goldime is the alt coin you need to invest in, than let us know. You can either write an email to us at or call our 24/7 helpline for assistance.