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How can you buy GOLDIMES

Cryptocurrency you want to own

Our Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is starting from January 30, 2017

..Be a part of Digital Economy!

Goldime is your digital wealth holder. World’s best Gold standard crypto-currency is now available through exclusive deal upto March 30, 2017. Goldime is poised to become the de facto standard for wealth creation and wealth managements.


Exclusive deal for initial 100 Customers

These Founder Members will get exclusive deals for first three months

Goldime is offering exclusive deal for it’s first 100 customers. These Founder members will be entitled to a ONE TIME bonus free Goldimes. But that’s not all, founder members will be offered exclusive deals for the first two months. This will make your Goldimes even more special for you, a cryptocurrency you would want to hold on to and accumulate. This will also entitle you to invest in PoS mining pools. Your Goldime will continue to generate more coins as well as appreciate in value.

How do I buy Goldimes?

The most Prominent Crypto-Currency

You have a choice to pay either through your credit card, through bank transfer, by calling us or pay through bitcoins, to avail our exclusive campaign on Indiegogo. We accept bitcoins and encourage use of cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange.

We will continue to offer more mediums of exchange as we develop Goldime ecosystem.



Indiegogo Campaign


Multiple ways to pay

The Choice

We would like to enable our customers and therefore offering an exclusive deal which you can avail by calling our Helpline, sending us an email with your contact details or on indiegogo platform. We will enable credit cards payments starting March 2017. Once your mobile wallets are published, you will be able to carry out transactions directly from your wallet.

You can also pay through your credit card, which will be accepted from March 15, 2017.

Your advantages

This is your chance to diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio and own a rare and precious altcoin. Goldime is poised to become a cryptocurrency standard by virtue of it’s unique algorithms and it’s benchmarking with price 10 gms of of 24 Karat in the international market.