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Awesome features we’d like you to know about

Gold Price Standard


Price of 10 gms of 24 Karat Gold

Goldime is set up to maintain a price equivalent to 10 gms of 24 Karat Gold in International market. so each GOLDIME that you own will have a intrinsic value of 10 gms of Gold. Market forces, due to scarcity, can drive the price above the equivalent of 10 gms of Gold. But built in parameters will ensure that the mining of new coins is controlled so as to maintain it’s minimum intrinsic value. Goldime is all set to disrupt the commodity market. It is based on best of breed POS blockchain technology.


Apps Integration

Goldime Blockchain app will have the capability to offer API’s for integration into other apps. This will help make Goldime a standard for payment using your mobile wallets, should you decide to part with your Goldime.


Advanced features

Every blockchain app is running on its own unique sidechain – a blockchain you can fully customise. Like bitcoin, it is open source and PoS framework is at the heart of security because it drastically raises the cost of an attack.


Price maintenance readjustment based on unique algorithms. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Goldime is sustainable as a rare and secure cryptocurrency, even if there are no active miners. Goldime’s intrinsic value is tied up with Gold price and availability of only limited number of Goldimes coins will ensure it will hold its own and is expected to rise in value consistently.



Great User Experience

The Goldime App has been designed to provide a simple but elegant interface. We have worked hard to develop a simplified user interface, which removes all the clutter and give you all the information at a glance.

Convenient for Everyone

Goldime was built with you in mind. Whether this is your first experience or you have used digital wallets before, by building multiple security features into your mobile wallet, we have made it very easy for you to carry out any transaction. .

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Proof of Stake

Goldime’s architecture is built on POS. It only allows Goldime holders to mine new Goldimes. We think Goldime is precious and should be mined by customer who believe in Goldime. This makes it a truly precious and exclusive global currency.

Wallet App Security features

Will be updated when apps are published.

Open Source

The Goldime Team is a strong supporter of open source software. Due to the fact that Goldime is also a financial platform, it is self-evident that the source code is public for everyone. If you want to work on Goldime please get in contact with us, we will gladly integrate you in our development process.

Source Code